Question: Do you have a HACCP Programme ?
Answer: Yes, Honeylands'  Food Safety and Risk Management Programme has been developed using the international principles of HACCP as defined by the Codex Alimentarus Alinorm 97/13A. The programme also incorporates  the requirements of the Animal Products Act  to include the  Low Risk Management Programme. Controls in place are  formally documented to ensure we produce safe food and meet the Ministry of Health exemption from the Food Hygiene Regulations.

Question: Do you have FDA approval?
Answer: Yes, Honeylands is registered with the U.S Food and Drug Administration.

Question: Where does your fruit come from?
Answer: We source the highest quality fruit and berries from within New Zealand. Our mangos and pawpaws come from Australia as they are not grown locally in New Zealand. If certain fruits are not available due to seasonality, then we will source from high quality off shore markets.

Question: Where does you honey come from?
Answer: Honeylands'  natural honey comes from approved Apiarists throughout New Zealand.

Question: Where are your products made?
Answer: Honeylands'  products are made in our own food grade manufacturing facility in West Auckland, New Zealand.

Question: What is the Shelf Life of your products?
Answer: Honeylands' Jams and honeys have an 18 month shelf life from date of manufacture. Syrups, dressings and sauces have a 12 month shelf life from date of manufacture.

Question: Where can I buy your products?
Answer: Honeylands' products can be purchased direct from us at our Northland facility or online from our website. Retail 230ml syrups can also be purchased from the Regency Duty Free- Made in New Zealand store at Auckland International Airport or from Delmaine Fine Foods in East Tamaki. Gift packs of jams and honeys are also available from a number of gift stores throughout New Zealand.

Question: What is your Freight Policy ?
Answer: Freight is free for orders of six cartons or more in the North Island and four cartons or more in the South Island. For multiple cartons under these amounts a freight charge of $10.66 is applied. Single carton purchases incur a freight charge of $9.87 (North Island) and $8.35 (South Island). For International orders freight charges will be applicable to the destination.

Question: Do you provide samples?
Answer: Yes we are always happy to provide samples to genuine prospective customers.

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