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Honeylands' jams are created from the most succulent berries and fruits. The berries offer distinctive, rich flavours and carry the taste of ‘Summer’, whilst the ‘Tropical’ taste is derived from our Mango and Pawpaw jams. Honeylands famous Marmalade combines the zest of citrus peel with the sweetness of tree-ripened oranges.

New Zealand honeys are the world’s premiere honeys. Their delicate pure flavours and smooth viscosity make them sought after globally. The specialty honeys produced by Honeylands, gathered from the unique floral sources of New Zealand's native forests, have distinctive flavours unlike any found elsewhere in the world.

Our syrups are a delicious combination of quality fruit concentrates and  Manuka Honey, renowned for its flavour and healing properties.


ItemCodeUnits per CartonPrice 
Syrup APPLE & MANUKA HONEY, PottleHAMS5000920g x 120 units$0.00
Syrup MAPLES, Premium "New Age" Jar with gold twist lidHMS600828g x 144 units$137.99
Syrup MAPLES, PottleHMS500825gm x 120 units$70.38
Jam APRICOT, Premium "New Age" Jar with gold twist lidAP6000128gm x 144 units$139.09
Jam APRICOT, PottleAP5000125g x 120 units$79.55
Jam BLACKBERRY, PottleBB5005025g x 120 units$80.76
Jam KIWIFRUIT, Premium " New Age" Jar with gold twist lidKI6000528gm x 144 units$143.45
Jam KIWIFRUIT, PottleKI5000525gm x 120 units$80.06
MARMALADE (Orange & Lime), Premium "New Age" Jar with gold twist lidMA6000428gm x 144 units$147.87
MARMALADE (Orange & Lime), PottleMA5000425g x 120 units$82.65
Jam MANGO, PottleMG5000125gm x 120 units$83.23
Jam PAW PAW, PottlePP5000225g x 120 units$82.40
Jam RASPBERRY, Premium "New Age" Jar with gold twist lidRA6000228gm x 144 units$154.24
Jam RASPBERRY, PottleRA5000225gm x 120 units$85.53
Jam STRAWBERRY, Premium "New Age" Jar with gold twist lidST6000328gm x 144 units$140.19
Jam STRAWBERRY, PottleST5000325gm x 120 units$80.06
MIXED CARTON: 9 Jams, Honey, Peanut Butter, Justmite - PottleMX5199825gm x 120 units$112.09
Honey BLUE BORAGE, Premium "New Age" Jar with gold twist lidHO6001128g x 144 units$223.81
Honey BLUE BORAGE, PottleHO5001125g x 120$144.50
Honey CLOVER, Premium "New Age" Jar with gold twist lidHO6000728gm x 144 units$186.60
Honey CLOVER, PottleHO5000725gm x 120 units$121.02
Honey KAMAHI, PottleHO5001025gm x 120 units$121.93
Honey MANUKA, Premium " New Age" Jar with gold twist lidHO6000828gm x 144 units$250.00
Honey MANUKA, PottleHO5000825gm x 120 units$179.88
Honey MULTI FLORAL, Premium "New Age" Jar with gold twist lidHO6000028gm x 144 units$186.10
Honey MULTI FLORAL, PottleHO5000025gm x 120 units$119.01
Honey REWAREWA, PottleHO5001225gm x 120 units$121.93
Honey TAWARI, PottleHO5000925gm x 120 units$121.93
MIXED CARTON: 6 Honeys - PottleHOMX590125gm x 120 units$165.17

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